If you are planning on redoing your home’s exterior, you might want to consider opting for insulated render systems as these will not only provide you practical benefits but could also give your property an aesthetic appeal.

What is an insulated render system?

Insulated render systems provide a smooth plastered finish that protects brickwork against the elements. They are applied in a home’s exterior which serves as an effective means to insulate walls and minimise issues such as thermal bridges and disruption to occupants. Insulated render systems do not only save energy but also look aesthetically pleasing, offering a variety of colours and are traditionally built up in two or three coats which makes it less likely for surface cracks to develop.


• Mineral
Mineral render is very durable and breathable. It is a high impact resistant and also has a quick drying time. Although it can be a bit more expensive, it is more hardwearing compared with acrylic.
• Acrylic
Acrylic is the most inexpensive option that comes in a variety of long-lasting colours making it ideal for both new builds and refurbishment projects.
• Silicone or silicone silicate
Although considered as the most expensive rendering option, a silicone render system is the most flexible system which means that it is less likely to crack over its lifetime, highly durable and breathable just as mineral render, is self-cleaning and the easiest system to apply. However, it requires mild temperatures to be able to dry which means that it takes a while to dry in colder conditions.


• Insulated render systems are good options for older properties with solid walls as they offer an extra line of defence against penetrating damp.
• High-quality render can serve as a defence against graffiti.
• A painted brickwork tends to lose its ‘new look’ very quickly, thus, external rendering is considered a better-looking alternative.
• Rendering your home is also the perfect time to consider full external insulation to maximise your property’s thermal performance, saving you more time and being economical.

Apart from silicone & mineral renders, Miles Construct Ltd also offers a wide range of other insulated render systems such as brick slips, brick effect renders and polymer cement renders. We have been in the rendering industry for many years, presenting a team of experienced professionals as well as providing services and products that consist of fully BBA & DIBT certified systems.

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