Finding the perfect location for a new home can be the biggest challenge of the project, especially if you want to create a unique residence, with great views. So, are barn conversions a good idea?

Home with a view

One of the main advantages of converting a barn into a home is a good choice of sites in appealing locations.

By their very nature, barns are in rural areas, offering the promise of a new home with excellent proximity to the countryside. For example, if you’re looking for a building contractor in Herefordshire for barn conversions, your choice of locations would be vast. 95% of the county is classified as rural!

Can barn conversions be expensive and problematic?

Building homes from the ground up can seem an easier way to create a unique property that matches your needs and expectations, especially as sympathetically restoring a barn’s core structure and adapting it into a well-insulated and aesthetically pleasing property can be a challenge.

The trick is to find a barn conversion specialist. Then, you can maximise all the things that make barn conversion a good idea, including their glorious sense of space, high ceilings, grand entrances, amplified open plan areas and large apertures for statement windows.

Specialist help can also ensure you meet modern living needs, including energy efficiency and good heating, without blowing your budget.

Planning and access considerations

Using an existing structure to build a new home can make planning approval easier, though there are local planning criteria for barn conversion approval. For example, maintaining the central bay height of period barns, and creating layouts synergic with the original structure.

However, it can still be more straightforward than getting permission to build homes on greenfield sites, or even some brownfield sites previously used for commercial buildings. Barn conversions can also provide project efficiencies due to existing access roads and even possibly utilities.

Resale potential

One of the main reasons to convert a farm structure into a stunning, individual residence is you can stamp your personality and preferences all over the project! However, keep in mind this does impact the resale potential of barn conversions.

However, barn conversions hold their value well. They are often popular with anyone down-sizing or moving out of cities, especially when the quality construction work is already done to create a beautiful home in a rural setting.

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