Finding the right builder takes thorough research. It can be tempting to go to friends or family for recommendations, though you should refrain from basing your decision entirely on word of mouth. While endorsements from the right person can be reassuring, opinions can be subjective and they might not hold true for everyone.

It is possible to find builders through trade directories and review sites, though once again, you will need to thoroughly examine a number of customer ratings and testimonials before you pick the right builder. Think carefully about how well you trust each person’s opinion and always make sure to interview the recommended builder before you hire them.

Interviewing your builder

We advise you to make a shortlist of your best options and to interview each one individually. Contact prospective builders directly and prepare a set of questions in advance so that you know exactly what you’re looking for.

The first thing you’ll want to ask for is a list of previous clients. This should give you a good idea of the builder’s experience and the kinds of projects they’ve worked on previously. You’ll be judging your new builder or building contractor on the quality of their completed work, but also how well they can handle a budget, how well they work to a deadline and how they manage the construction process.

A few questions you might want to ask as you search:
• Did the builder deliver on time?
• Did they deliver within the set budget?
• How good is the condition of their equipment?
• Do they keep their site tidy?
• What did they do to minimise any noise or disruption?

Any builder worth their salt will ask for specifications and scale drawings before providing a quote and all good builders will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of current building regulations.

Always use a contract

Once you think you’ve found the right builder, the last step is to draw up a decent contract. You’ll want a contract that specifies the scope of work, details any upfront costs and preferably schedules payments in phases. Don’t trust a builder that doesn’t use a contract and never pay in cash.

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