The practice of converting barns into major home extensions is nothing new since it has originally started in older villages many years ago. In the latter part of the 20th century, barn conversions became more established due to the fact that agricultural buildings became less expensive to acquire, whilst the large living space they offered made them desirable properties.

Fortunately, the current government policy is in favour of barn conversions which means that barns can be converted into a more modern style dwelling without the need to apply for a planning permit. This is a major opportunity for many homeowners who wish to expand their living spaces or significantly add value to their properties.

What are the benefits?

Whether complete or not, a barn conversion can still generate a lot of interest among buyers and command a premium. We have compiled the top reasons why barn conversions have become popular to many UK homeowners today:

Offers additional space

Since barn conversions generally profit from the tall ceilings, the interior becomes visually spacious. This is one of the major advantages of converting your barn as you can design it with a larger prospect and manipulate the space.

Provides a countryside experience

Living in a barn can provide you with a once in a lifetime experience. That said, why not realise your dream of living a peaceful life in the stunning, serene countryside by converting your barn?

Allows the combination of traditional and contemporary designs

The fashion of converting barns into major home extensions gives you the perfect opportunity to mix both traditional and modern designs to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your whole property. Take advantage of the large space inside to create a contemporary interior décor and give the barn’s high arched ceilings and large wooden doorways a traditional touch.

Why choose us?

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