Rendering is the process of applying a coat to the exterior of a building. There is a wide array of render options available in the market today, ranging from cement to insulating renders. One of the latest offerings is a coloured render, which is a rendered product mixed with coloured pigment during the manufacturing process. This provides a high degree of protection from varying weather conditions and gives the wall a decorative finish that requires little or no maintenance.

What are the different types of coloured render?


Acrylic render

This resin-based render is durable, resistant and flexible. It is typically applied to masonry and render board systems to seal and enhance its underlying coat. This render system can be mixed into any shade as it bonds to colour pigment well, keeping the intensity of colour longer. In addition, its flexible quality makes it less prone to cracking so you are ensured of its longevity. It also offers the best value compared to other types because it only needs to be applied in one coat, saving you labour costs.

Silicone render

This cement-based render contains silicone water repellents that makes it vapour permeable. This means that the render won’t absorb water, allowing the property to breathe. By letting the moisture escape, it contributes to the prevention of damp in your building. This makes the surface drier and more resistant to algae and lime bloom. It is also rubbery and heat-resistant so it is perfect for external wall insulation systems. This high-quality modern render comes in a range of colours with a natural finish.

Monocouche render

Derived from the French word “monocouche” which means single layer, this coloured exterior finish can be applied in one coat to bricks or blockwork. It uses white cement as a binder, and by adding pigment, it can effectively achieve a range of colours. This render system can be applied by hand or machine, and is then, scraped back to achieve the correct finish. As it is coloured, it doesn’t need to be painted. It also has a breathable property, which allows your structure to breathe and prevents moisture build-up.

Mineral render

The fashion of converting barns into major home extensions gives you the perfect opportunity to mix both traditional and modern designs to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your whole property. Take advantage of the large space inside to create a contemporary interior décor and give the barn’s high arched ceilings and large wooden doorways a traditional touch.aMineral renders are fast drying so it is ideal to be used in places with cold or humid conditions. With its quick dry ability, you can continue your project without having to worry about it washing-off, even in adverse weather. They can be mixed with other properties for added strength and dirt resistance.

Wetherby System

Wetherby Building Systems Limited are UK market leaders in the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of insulated render systems, brick slips, brick effect renders, polymer cement renders, silicone & mineral renders.

As a company we have been in the Render Industry for many years, our product range consists of fully BBA & DIBT certified systems that includes a range of render and brick slip systems alongside various insulation types.

Wetherby’s External Wall Insulation Systems are a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable method of new build development. Having nurtured a company of widely experienced professionals, we like to consider ourselves at the forefront of insulated render system design and are constantly striving to develop new Insulated Render Systems that perfectly compliment many of the newer Modular, Offsite and Modern Methods of Construction that are set to dominate the UK for many years to come.

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