What is stone masonry?

Stone masonry is the art of building a structure using stone units and mortar. The stones are cut and dressed to appropriate shapes. After which, they are assembled using mortar, a workable paste that can fill and seal regular gaps and add decorative patterns in masonry walls.

Where is stone masonry used?

Stone masonry is suitable for the construction of various building components such as walls, columns, footings, arches, fireplace, roof coverings, cladding works, dams, lighthouses, as well as other paving jobs and architectural works.

Why should you have stone masonry?

Stone is a strong, durable and weather-resistant material. It does not retain water or produce efflorescence over time. It is heat-resistant, providing exceptional fire protection as compared to other manufactured products. In addition to this, masonry walls are more resistant to elements and outdoor weather, such as rain, snow, sleet and hail.

Types of Masonry

Depending on the arrangement of the stone in the construction and the degree of refinement in the surface finish, stone masonry can be classified into two categories, rubble and ashlar.

Rubble masonry

A type of stone masonry in which either undressed or hammer-dressed stones are used. It has wide joints since irregular shaped-stones are used.

● Random rubble masonry – The stones are not properly shaped or finished. Its elevation shows irregularly shaped stones with non-uniform joints.
● Squared rubble masonry – The face stones are squared on all joints and beds through hammer dressing or chisel dressing before their actual laying.
● Dry rubble masonry – Known as “dry stones”, this type of rubble masonry lays stones without using any mortar.

Ashlar masonry

This stone masonry uses finely dressed stones that are laid in cement or lime mortar. The courses in this masonry have uniform height and thickness as well as regular, thin joints. It is further divided into the following types:

● Ashlars fine or coarse ashlar masonry – The bed, joints and faces of the stones are chisels dressed to achieve perfectly horizontal and vertical joints.
● Rough tooled ashlar masonry – The beds and sides are finely dressed but the exposed face is dressed by rough tooling.
● Ashlar rock-faced masonry – The exposed face of the stones are not dressed, giving a rough facing.
● Chamfered ashlars masonry – The strip provided around the perimeter of the exposed face is chamfered at a 45-degree angle.
● Block in coarse masonry – Faces of each stone are properly dressed and squared.
● Ashlar facing – The exposed faces of the stone are dressed by rough tooling and chamfered.

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